Kevin Cassese on Building a Program

Kevin Cassese, Men’s Lacrosse Head Coach at Lehigh University spoke at LaxCon 2015 about Building a Program. US Lacrosse was nice enough to post video highlights of his talk on their YouTube page. I highly recommend taking a look at it – some really good stuff in here about culture and program building.

New York Rangers Power Play Part 2

The Grind

A great promo video by TCU Baseball, and a FANTASTIC speech. “Welcome to The Grind”

How Bad Do You Want It?

Who Can Be Great?

Nike Olympic Shorts Pt 4

“Does Greatness Get Handed Out?”

“Is Greatness Only About Overcoming the Odds?”

“How Do You Judge Greatness?”

Nike Olympic Shorts Pt 3

“What Doesn’t Greatness Need?”

“What is Greatness Measured In?”

“Would You Fight for Greatness?”

“How Big a Stage does Greatness Need?”

“Is Greatness Only On TV?”