Wednesday Drill of the Week: Yale 2v1 Series

A different format for this weeks drill. We use an iPad app called Educreations to share things with our players. You can view this weeks drill here.

This is a 2v1 quick hitter series and is continuous. Forwards should focus on quick attacks, getting to the net. Defensemen need to have good sticks and awareness, being ready to clear rebounds and eliminate secondary threats.

Wednesday Drill of the Week: 2v2 Below Goal Line

2v2 Below Goal Line


Simple drill this week: 2v2 below the goal line. Coach stands in the crease with pucks. Players not involved stand along the goal line and create a human barrier – trying to create a tight area space. Nets are placed snugly against the boards before the corner. Players engage in a 2v2 battle below the goal line for 30-50 seconds.

This drill works on battles, puck strength and creativity. In tight area games, players need to be heavy on their edges, have strong sticks and use their bodies to protect the puck. Players also need to have a creativity level to understand the angles and spacing in a tight area to create scoring opportunities. A good drill for players to work on tight area puck skill.