Wednesday Drill of the Week: Shamrock Chip

Shamrock Chip

Shamrock Chip – a breakout/shooting drill incorporating a few individual skill elements.

The drill starts with Forwards on the blue line in line with the dots, a D at the top of the circle. F1 on the far side skates in with the puck and takes a shot. F2 in line with the D will exchange a puck while the D skates backwards and then opens up to make a breakout pass. The F comes down to the hashmark area to receive.

The F who exchanged with the D then skates up ice while F1 who took the long shot sprints to support. F2 will attack towards the dot line and chip a puck past the tire for F1 to receive. F1 then enters the zone looking to shoot far pad while F2 drives the net for a rebound. The D will follow the play up, receiving a pass from a coach for a third shot with a tip/screen.

D will work on their agility, making a good first breakout pass and joining the rush.

F will work on their ability to receive a breakout pass, make an indirect pass to a streaking player, and then drive the net while also shooting far pad.

Wednesday Drill of the Week: McNamara 1v0 Agility

1v0 McNamara Agility

A drill that operates out of both sides at one. Lines are on all four blue lines. X1 starts of skating backwards, exchanging a puck with X2 – goal is anywhere from 2 to 4 passes. When X1 gets to the middle of the blue line, he pivots halfway around and receives a pass from X3. After receiving the pass, X1 accelerates into the zone for a shot on net. X3 should attempt to time his pass to arrive as X1 is finishing his turn.

High pace and high tempo to this drill. Skaters should focus on quick feet and smooth transitions. Passes should be crisp and on the tape. Shots should be on net from a distance – a warmup element for the goalies.

Wednesday Drill of the Week: 3 Shot Tip

3 Shot Tip

A half ice skill drill for forwards and defensemen. The drill starts with forwards in each corner with pucks (Black lines). D are at the strong side point and the center point. X1 makes a pass to the strong side D, the center D widens and the puck moves D to D. X1 then rolls up the wall and times his approach through the slot so when D2 shoots the puck, he is in the slot area for a moving tip. D2 is shooting for a stick. X1 then goes into the far corner and retrieves a second puck (green lines). D2 is now at the strong point, D1 is at the center point. Puck moves down low, D1 widens and puck moves D to D. X1 rolls through the slot for a second tip. X1 then stays at the net front while a puck goes from X2 to D1 to D2 at center point (pink lines). D2 then takes a shot from dead on with a tip/screen in front.

Forwards are working on their tipping/redirection skills as well as their skating and edgework in this drill. D are working on passing the puck, widening in the offensive zone and shooting for sticks.

Wednesday Drill of the Week: 3 Pass Shooting

3 Pass Shooting

A simple shooting drill with multiple opportunities for passing and receiving. Both lines go at the same time. The first player in each line takes off across the blue line. Near the far dot, they receive a pass from the opposite line and quickly return the puck back to the line they got it from. The player then takes off on a stretch and support pattern through the neutral zone, receiving a pass from the line they started from before heading over the blue line and attacking the net. The same thing is happening on the far side. Across the blue, receive/give a pass, then come back across through the neutral zone to receive a stretch pass and attack the net.

Skills worked here include: passing and receiving with your feet moving, shooting with your feet moving, quick accelerations and change of direction, communication. A great drill to get hands, feet and mouths moving, as well as get some long shots on the goaltenders.

Wednesday Drill of the Week: 1/2 Ice 2v0 Progression

2v0 Half Ice Progression

A simple but high paced warm up drill. X1 (green) and X2 (red) bump and exchange with F1. F1 then bumps the puck to F2 while X1 and X2 jump onside (always facing the puck – mohawk). X1 and X2 receive a pass from F2 and then attack the net 2v0 – look for a pass off the far pad with a hard net drive. F2 then jumps in line, F1 becomes F2 and whoever shot the puck becomes F1.

There are three progressions to the drill. First – after bumping the puck to the attacking 2v0, F2 can then backcheck the two forwards. Put pressure on them from behind and attempt to breakup the play (you can designate F2 to backcheck the puck or the man, based on your backchecking system).

The second progression is to have F1 gap up and play the two attackers in a 2v1 – if F1 is a forward then he/she angles the puck carrier, if F1 is a D then he/she should have a good stick and play it as they would a 2v1 rush. In this scenario, after each rep, F2 becomes F1 and a new player from the line fills the role of F2.

The third progression is to have F1 gap up and F2 backcheck, creating a tight area 2v2 situation – the defending players have to communicate, identify and sort it out quickly on the rush.

Wednesday Drill of the Week: UNH 1-2-3

UNH 1-2-3

A 6 person shooting drill. X1 and X2 take off, exchanging a puck to the far blue line. At the far blue, the puck needs to be with X1. X1 drives down the wall and cuts back. X2 loops through the middle of the ice and heads down to the other end to receive a pass from X1. Meanwhile, X3 has skated up to the redline and looped back in to take a long shot from center. X3 then goes in to the corner to pick up a puck. After X1 passes to X2, X1 high rolls around the top of the circle and receives a pass mid-slot from X3.

There are a number of timing elements in this drill that require proper execution for it to flow right. All six players need to be moving with speed and intensity, sprinting to spots to make sure the passes and the shots arrive at the proper time. X3 needs to release the first shot, X2 needs to get on his/her horse to get into position and X1 needs to execute a tape to tape pass. This drill is a good warmup drill that gets a lot of bodies and pucks moving while also working on passing and timing.

Wednesday Drill fo the Week: F-D 3 Shot

F-D 3 Shot

A half ice skill drill today. The drill starts with a defenseman on the wall. D walks the blue line and hits a forward coming out of the corner on a high roll for a shot. The D then goes back to the blue line for a second puck. D again walks the blue line, this time hitting a second forward who has gone from the corner to the dot line on the goal line. The first forward has gone to the net and then pops for a pass from the goal line forward. The D then retrieves a third puck, walks the line and takes a shot through two men screening (pop forward stays high, goal line forward moves to the net front).

D should focus on walking and moving the puck with their eyes up the entire time. All shots and passes should be made with eyes up ice. Forwards need to accelerate up the wall and through the shot. Pop should be with purposeful movement and a quick one-timer attempt.