Wednesday Drill of the Week: 3v2 One Puck

3v2 One Puck

A simple 3v2 rush into OZ play drill this week.

The drill starts with three forwards at the blue line vs two defensemen at the red. On the whistle the three F attack the two D 3v2. The play the rush out into the zone and then continue as a 3v2 down low.

After the play crosses the offensive blue line, three new forwards come out and assume a position on the blue line. Two new D come out to the red line. When the defensive players are able to gain possession of the puck, they have to clear it to the new forwards standing at the blue line. At this point these three forwards take off down the ice for a continuous 3v2 drill.

Good for rush offense, rush defense and you can always have a forwards vs defense competition (F have a target number of goals to score in a certain number of opportunities).

Wednesday Drill of the Week: Tech 2v2

Tech 2v2

A simple full ice 2v2 rush drill with a re-gap element.

The drill starts with a dump and a 4v0 breakout. Two D start at the red line and establish their gap while the group breaks out. The two F’s who broke out then attack the two gapping D in a full ice 2v2. On a whistle, coach leaves a puck in the neutral zone for two F’s to retrieve and play live – the D have to retake ice and re-establish their gap. The drill then plays out 2v2.

The coach doesn’t have to always blow a whistle – the players have to attack until they hear a whistle. The second puck can be left wherever, the goal is to create a situation where the D have to retake ice and establish their gap quickly. This drill can be done in one direction only, or can alternate ends.

Wednesday Drill of the Week: Bulldog 2v2

Bulldog 2v2

A progression from last weeks Yale 1v1, only 2v2.

The same thing is going on in both ends. The puck starts in the corner with two F’s. 2 D man the points. Puck goes from the corner to the point, then D to D for a shot. The two F’s go to the slot for a screen presence, then cycle a second puck out of the corner – again D to D for a shot. After the second shot, the two F’s get a puck from their line while the 2 D regap and take back ice. The two F’s then attack down the other end of the ice (top) while the D play a 2v2 rush coming from the other end (bottom).

Wednesday Drill of the Week: 1/2 Ice 2v0 Progression

2v0 Half Ice Progression

A simple but high paced warm up drill. X1 (green) and X2 (red) bump and exchange with F1. F1 then bumps the puck to F2 while X1 and X2 jump onside (always facing the puck – mohawk). X1 and X2 receive a pass from F2 and then attack the net 2v0 – look for a pass off the far pad with a hard net drive. F2 then jumps in line, F1 becomes F2 and whoever shot the puck becomes F1.

There are three progressions to the drill. First – after bumping the puck to the attacking 2v0, F2 can then backcheck the two forwards. Put pressure on them from behind and attempt to breakup the play (you can designate F2 to backcheck the puck or the man, based on your backchecking system).

The second progression is to have F1 gap up and play the two attackers in a 2v1 – if F1 is a forward then he/she angles the puck carrier, if F1 is a D then he/she should have a good stick and play it as they would a 2v1 rush. In this scenario, after each rep, F2 becomes F1 and a new player from the line fills the role of F2.

The third progression is to have F1 gap up and F2 backcheck, creating a tight area 2v2 situation – the defending players have to communicate, identify and sort it out quickly on the rush.

Wednesday Drill of the Week: 3v2 Timing

3v2 Timing

This is a 3v2 rush drill that incorporates a neutral zone regroup and a timing element. The drill starts with 4 D just inside the blue lines and forwards in each of the two lower corners. The coach stands at the red line with a pile of pucks. Coach will pass a puck to the far D – the puck then moves D-D. F3 takes off on the pass and times it to receive the puck after the D-D pass. F3 then passes the puck to the other set of D who also go D-D. At this time, F1 and F2 have take off (again, timing the play) to present themselves as options after the D-D pass. F3 comes in close support for the D-D pass. After the puck moves to one of the F’s, they attack the original two D on a 3v2 rush.

Two new D step out and the drill starts again, going the other direction. Keys to this drill: Forwards need to have great timing and support all over the ice. Anticipating and moving in sync with the puck is critical. Defense need to move the puck crisply and quickly to keep the play moving. They should try to maintain a tight gap and good stick positioning when playing the rush. To add a degree of difficulty, force the D to move and create spacing on the D-D pass (hinge, use indirects off the boards, wide, etc).

Wednesday Drill of the Week: Adrian 1v1

Adrian 1v1

A dual action 1v1 drill. Starts with forwards on opposite blue lines and D at the red line on the circle. On the whistle, a D takes off backwards, exchanging with the forward skating towards him. When the D gets inside the blue line, he escapes towards the boards and fires a hard pass up to the line where the Forward came from. The F that was passing with the D then skates hard around the center circle and receives the puck from the line he came from. He then attacks the D 1v1.

Forwards need to focus on their accelearation with and without the puck. Also they want to try to attack the D while he is in transition – put him in a tough situation where you can make him vulnerable.

Defensemen should focus on their ability to skate backwards and exchanging a puck, a nice tight escape and a hard pass to the line. They should then really focus on getting up and gapping to the play quickly and effectively. A good stick against the rush (keeping the forward to the outside) and going stick to puck on the shot are critical.

Wednesday Drill of the Week: D to D 1v1

1v1 Wide D

This week’s drill is a shooting drill into a full ice 1v1. It is run out of both ends simultaneously. The drill starts with the Forward passing the puck from the goal line to a Defenseman waiting at the blue line. A second D is waiting in the middle of the ice. The puck moves D to D while the F comes up around the circle into the mid slot area. The mid-D walks the puck while the board D sprints to the middle. The puck moves D to D again for a shot with the F in front for a tip or screen. Coach in the corner then gives a puck to the F who attacks the D who started in the middle of the ice. This is a full ice 1v1 that is played out until a whistle. On the whistle, the next group goes.

Forwards work on protecting the puck on the rush, using their speed to beat the defensemen and being creative in a 1v1 situation. They should look to try to take advantage of D who cross over or attack the open triangle. Defensemen need to have quick feet, avoiding crossovers and maintaining a good defensive stick. Gaps are critical – you can require the D to wait until the defensive blue line to attack the puck carrier.