Who Can Be Great?

Nike Olympic Shorts Pt 4

“Does Greatness Get Handed Out?”

“Is Greatness Only About Overcoming the Odds?”

“How Do You Judge Greatness?”

Nike Olympic Shorts Pt 3

“What Doesn’t Greatness Need?”

“What is Greatness Measured In?”

“Would You Fight for Greatness?”

“How Big a Stage does Greatness Need?”

“Is Greatness Only On TV?”

Nike Olympic Shorts Pt 2

“Is Greatness in Your DNA?”

“Is Greatness Something You Plan?”

“Would You Face Your Fears for Greatness?”

“How Official Does Greatness Have to Be?”

“Is there Only One Way to Greatness?”

Nike Olympic Shorts Pt 1

“Greatness is Scary”

“Do You Have to be Famous to be Great?”

“Who Decides Who is Great?”

“Does Greatness Speak for Itself?”

“Will You Recognize Greatness When You See It?”

Nike Olympic Commercials

Watching the Olympics I have been struck by the commercials that Nike has put together. They have had two primary ads that are absolutely stunning and then a series of 15 second spots that are profound in their simplicity. All have the same message: Greatness is however we define it, whatever we make it to be, and the fact that we can all be great.

The Olympics

Tonight marks the beginning of the 2012 London Olympics. Watching some preview coverage, I thought about why the Olympics are so popular. I can’t think of one person who hates the Olympics as a whole.

When I thought about why, I was struck by the enormity of it. The Olympics are the only event where the entire human race gathers to celebrate humanity and the amazing heights that people can achieve. No other event unites the entire world in celebration like the Olympics.

There will be amazing feats and crazy records broken. There will be failure and success, triumph and defeat. And throughout it all, the common theme is humanity.

Enjoy these Olympics as a celebration of the human race and be amazed at the things we are capable of.