Wednesday Drill of the Week: Yale 2v1 Series

A different format for this weeks drill. We use an iPad app called Educreations to share things with our players. You can view this weeks drill here.

This is a 2v1 quick hitter series and is continuous. Forwards should focus on quick attacks, getting to the net. Defensemen need to have good sticks and awareness, being ready to clear rebounds and eliminate secondary threats.

Wednesday Drill of the Week: ND 2v1

ND 2v1 with D

A 2v1 drill with activating defensemen. X’s start at the blueline, a Xd starts at the net front. Coach is in the corner and hard rims a puck along the wall. Forward must retrieve the rim and play it to the supporting wing and/or the net front D activating. A D steps out and plays the 2v1 +1 rush. Once down the other end of the ice, the drill restarts with a coach blowing the whistle and rimming a puck. The offensive forwards then backcheck the rush, with the D who played the 2v1 attempting to jump into the play.

This drill is a great teacher for rush concepts. A forward drives the net, a D jumps into the play and activates, the puck is pushed wide and plays are made under backpressure.