Wednesday Drill of the Week: 3v2 One Puck

3v2 One Puck

A simple 3v2 rush into OZ play drill this week.

The drill starts with three forwards at the blue line vs two defensemen at the red. On the whistle the three F attack the two D 3v2. The play the rush out into the zone and then continue as a 3v2 down low.

After the play crosses the offensive blue line, three new forwards come out and assume a position on the blue line. Two new D come out to the red line. When the defensive players are able to gain possession of the puck, they have to clear it to the new forwards standing at the blue line. At this point these three forwards take off down the ice for a continuous 3v2 drill.

Good for rush offense, rush defense and you can always have a forwards vs defense competition (F have a target number of goals to score in a certain number of opportunities).


Wednesday Drill of the Week: 10 Minute Drill

10 Minute Drill

A 10 minute competition game. Forwards vs D & Goalies. Forwards are trying to score 10 goals (or some other number that you believe to be appropriate).

The drill starts with a 2v1 in one end (right side of the picture). Two F attack one D out of the corner 2v1. After a shot on net or a clear by the D, they receive a pass from their original line and go 2v1 vs the same D down the length of the ice. After the long 2v1 plays out, a new forward starts with a puck from the corner and they go 3v2 (2 new D) down the length of the ice. After the 3v2 hits the blue line, a forward steps out and gets a breakaway down the far end. The drill then starts again with a tight area 2v1 at the net and continues this way for 10 minutes or until the forwards score the allotted number of goals.

A great competition drill, offensive emphasis drill as well as a sneaky conditioning skate for your team.

Wednesday Drill of the Week: Bobcat 2v1

Bobcat 2v1

A drill that involves a regroup into a 2v1 rush. Defensemen start in the middle of the ice with Forwards at opposite blue lines. The first defenseman exchanges a puck with the first forward in line (black line) while skating backwards. At the top of the circles, the D receives the puck and transitions it to the forward on the opposite side of the ice (green line) who is coming back towards his line. When the F receives the pass from the D, he bumps it to the next forward in line (pink line/pink F). The F coming back towards his line swings to the middle while the F who receives the pass steps out. These two F’s then go and attack the D that was exchanged with initially in a 2v1 rush. The D is attempting to gap up after completing the transition pass to the opposite F.

A quick hitter 2v1 with multiple passes and a gapping element from the defenseman. This drill was a special contribution this week from Steve Needham, Assistant Coach at Wesleyan University.

Wednesday Drill of the Week: 2v1 to 4v2

2v1 to 4v2

Another transition drill, this one focuses on the offensive side of the transition game.

The drill starts with X1 and X2 (in black) crossing and attacking one D 2v1. Play out the rush.

On a whistle, X3 takes off with a puck. X1 and X2, as well as the D that played the 2v1 join him to create a 4 man rush. Two new D (in green) gap from the red line and play the rush 4v2. This rush plays out. On the whistle, two new players cross and attack 2v1. X3 provides backpressure on the 2v1 rush. The drill becomes continuous.

Areas of emphasis are quick transition from the 2v1 to 4v2. On the whistle, every player should be looking to quickly jump and attack on the change of direction. The D should activate quickly and look to get up ice to create a four man front.

Wednesday Drill of the Week: 3v2 One Puck

3v2 One Puck


A simple yet effective drill. 3v2 One puck starts with three forwards playing below the tops of the circles against two defensemen. Three new forwards and two new defensemen are waiting (F near the tops of the circles, D near the red line) to go. When the D gain possession, they move the puck to the new forwards who then attack the new D on a 3v2 rush. That rush plays out into a down low cycle and three new forwards and two new defensemen step onto the ice. The drill becomes continuous when the puck gets cleared by the D to the new forwards. The next forwards waiting to go can play near the top of the circles and take away any high roll attempt by the forwards cycling in the zone.

This drill is great for working on offensive attack concepts as it begins with a 3v2 rush and plays into down low cycle play. We look to get a good net drive and good width on our attack through the neutral zone, followed by a good net front presence and rotation on the cycle, always looking to take pucks to the net and attack through seams. You can really emphasize and teach cycling and rush concepts as the reps are short – grab players as they finish and talk to them about their options. A simple yet effective offensive drill.

Wednesday Drill of the Week: Blackbear Backcheck



Blackbear Backcheck to DZC


A rush drill with backpressure that results in OZ/DZ play. Three X forwards start on the hashmarks of the faceoff circle, two O defensemen start on the blueline. Coach rims a puck around the boards, the forwards pick it up and attack 3v2. As soon as the puck is rimmed, two X defensemen come around the net and activate into the rush, at the same time 3 O forwards come around the net and backcheck to the defensive zone.

Once the rush is played out (a 3v2 with one or two activated D and backcheckers), the teams play 5v5 in zone. This drill works on initial rush concepts, funnelling/backchecking to the defensive zone, and in zone play on both offense and defense. A good drill that allows coaches to install systemic play in zone.

Wednesday Drill of the Week: Lowell Progression

Lowell Progression


A progressive rush drill today. This one will work defensemen on regroup/quick counter situations, as well as playing half ice 2v1 rushes.

To start the drill, one forward skates up to just before the red line and passes to a D standing inside the blue. The D does an escape and then passes to the forward who has stretched for a 1v0 breakaway. After the escape, two forwards take off and pass a puck to the D who does another escape and then hits the two forwards who attack a D who steps in 2v1. A new D then takes his place and the drill starts again. This drill can be run on 2/3rds of the ice or run from alternating ends.

One of the benefits of this drill is it can be a situational rush drill (you can easily make it a 3v1 or a 3v2) and it is a good drill to run if you have a goalie coach who is working with the goaltenders in one end of the ice.