Its the Little Things

Why do we put off the simple, easy tasks that would make our lives that much better/easier/simpler?

Things like cleaning a room or a desk. Like checking the mail every day. Shooting 50 pucks. Doing one extra set of a lift. Spending an extra five minutes on the practice green.

We put them off because we can. Because it is easier to say “oh I can do it tomorrow, it will only take 5 minutes”. Those dishes can wait until the morning, you could pay your bills easy enough tomorrow. ย You’re really tired at the end of a workout and think you don’t need to put in a little extra.

All of these things are simple but not easy. They will improve your fortunes over the long run tremendously, but have very little value in the short game. Spending time and energy on things that have little immediate value can have tremendous dividends – not only do the activities help you in the future, but your ability for self-discipline and mental toughness grows.

So the next time you think, I’ll just do it tomorrow. Stop yourself. Do it today. Do it now. Your future self thanks you.

Moving & Athletic Success

This weekend, my fiancee and I moved in to a new apartment. Why am I blogging about that? While I was lugging boxes and furniture up and down flights of stairs I couldn’t help but think of the similarities I found in my move and being successful in athletics.

Determination – After a day of picking up and putting down heavy objects, one more trip to pick up the last of your things is often the last thing you want to do. However, the same determination it takes to finish the task is what is needed in late in a game to overcome a deficit or hold on to a lead.

Communication – Moving a two beds, a sectional couch, two dressers, etc up a staircase with a bend in it requires communication. The two people moving need to talk about how they are going to manipulate the furniture up the staircase successfully. If one person needs to put the item down, if one person is moving too fast, whatever the circumstance is, it must be communicated. Moving as a pair requires constant communication – you have to know what your partner is doing. Team sports requires the exact same communication – you have to know what your teammates are doing and where they are going to help you be successful.

Planning – Moving is not a successful activity if you just pick things up, throw them in a box truck and drive to your new place. You have to have a plan of attack, a method to how and what you are going to move when. We ran into some rain and would not have finished our move if we had not planned successfully. Sports are the same way – you cannot be successful if you just go play, you have to have a plan to attack your opponent.

Mental Toughness – Late in the day, the last thing you want to do is start to unpack and put away your stuff. After a day of moving, you often want to just sit and relax. Having the mental toughness to finish the task and put things away will help you get ahead of the curve after your move.