Zero Sum Game

Athletics is a zero sum game.

Black or White. Win or Lose. With the end result there is no shades of gray.

Individual performance? Sure, there is an ability to measure yourself and your performance, but as to the overall result, it is one or the other – not both.

What do you want the outcome to look like?

What price are you willing to pay?

Win or Lose?

The End of a Season

Every season has a beginning and an end. The nature of sports is that ends come before you are ready for them. Almost every team ends their season with a loss. You don’t expect to lose, you’re not ready for it to be over, but it ends. In sports, you control the process but not the outcome. The end of your season is dictated for you. These losses signify the end of a career for some, the beginning of a new chapter for others.

The offseason is long. Time heals wounds. The distance between the last game of this season and the first game of next season is far away.

You’re never more motivated than you are the day after your season ends. Thoughts of “What can I do differently?” “What if?” and “How can we be better?” bounce around your head for hours. Take advantage of this. Write them down. Make a plan. Utilize this motivation for good – channel it now for June and July when you need a boost to get after it in the gym or on the ice.

Don’t let time fade the pain of a missed opportunity. Seize the chance to better yourself and your team while you have it. Start your preparation and your process now. At the end of next season you’ll be happy you did.