Wednesday Drill of the Week: 3v0 Exchange Counter

3v0 Exchange Counter

A 3v0 shooting drill this week. This drill simulates a quick counter attack from your forwards. Emphasize quick transition once all three are onside and a quick decision to attack the net. Transition goals are scored within 3-7 seconds of a turnover, so the quick strike mentality is key.

The drill starts with three players in opposite corners. X1 goes around the circle and takes a shot. X2 delays and follows with a second shot. X3 completes a full lap around the circle and posts up inside the near blue line.

After the first shot, X1 skates around the far circle and finds a supporting space in the neutral zone. X2 picks up a puck from the corner and skates towards the blue line, making a pass to X3 from the opposite side. X2 then jumps onside and the three X’s quick attack 3v0.

Wednesday Drill of the Week: 3v2 +1 O/D Transition

3v2 +1 OD Transition

A multiple element transition drill. The drill starts with the three black XF’s and one black X D attacking the two red OD with the one red OF backchecking. On a pass, the three XFs attack 3v2 with a backchecker and X D trying to jump into the play (3v2 +1/1 rush). The rush plays out, then goes into a 3v3 down low (X D is done after rush).

Two new D wait in NZ, two red F’s move into the zone above the circles (they cannot be defended). When the red team gets the puck, they pass to the forwards and active a new 3v2 +1/1 rush (down low F joins, weak D activates and one XF backchecks). It becomes a continuous drill.

The down low forward has a larger workload in this drill – two rushes and one backcheck. It is important that everyone works through the down low segment of the drill. Additionally, you could move the “safe zone” forwards back to the far blue line to create a longer skate for them.

Focus is on the transition elements of the drill, encourage players to be active participants and anticipate getting up ice quickly as the play moves from defense to offense to defense to offense…

Wednesday Drill of the Week: 3v2 One Puck

3v2 One Puck


A simple yet effective drill. 3v2 One puck starts with three forwards playing below the tops of the circles against two defensemen. Three new forwards and two new defensemen are waiting (F near the tops of the circles, D near the red line) to go. When the D gain possession, they move the puck to the new forwards who then attack the new D on a 3v2 rush. That rush plays out into a down low cycle and three new forwards and two new defensemen step onto the ice. The drill becomes continuous when the puck gets cleared by the D to the new forwards. The next forwards waiting to go can play near the top of the circles and take away any high roll attempt by the forwards cycling in the zone.

This drill is great for working on offensive attack concepts as it begins with a 3v2 rush and plays into down low cycle play. We look to get a good net drive and good width on our attack through the neutral zone, followed by a good net front presence and rotation on the cycle, always looking to take pucks to the net and attack through seams. You can really emphasize and teach cycling and rush concepts as the reps are short – grab players as they finish and talk to them about their options. A simple yet effective offensive drill.

Wednesday Drill of the Week: Devils 3v3/2v2

A great drill with a few different concepts happening at the same time: Breakout, Odd-Man Rush w/backcheck, In-Zone Play, Transition Rush

Devils 3v3 2v2


The drill starts with a 5v1 breakout – a coach dumps a puck in and five players break the puck out against one forechecker. Two D follow the play up and then play a 3v2 rush against the forwards who broke the puck out. The forechecker backchecks the rush. These players then play a 3v3 in zone. The D who broke the puck out follow the play up. Two forwards are standing on the far blueline – when the breakout D gap up, those two forwards attack the two D 2v2.

I really like this drill due to the activity on the ice, as well as the multiple concepts being worked on by the players – a breakout, rush attack/backcheck and in-zone play, as well as a quick transition rush against D attempting to get up in the play. Players can work on situational concepts and positional concepts.

Wednesday Drill of the Week: ND 2v1

ND 2v1 with D

A 2v1 drill with activating defensemen. X’s start at the blueline, a Xd starts at the net front. Coach is in the corner and hard rims a puck along the wall. Forward must retrieve the rim and play it to the supporting wing and/or the net front D activating. A D steps out and plays the 2v1 +1 rush. Once down the other end of the ice, the drill restarts with a coach blowing the whistle and rimming a puck. The offensive forwards then backcheck the rush, with the D who played the 2v1 attempting to jump into the play.

This drill is a great teacher for rush concepts. A forward drives the net, a D jumps into the play and activates, the puck is pushed wide and plays are made under backpressure.

Wednesday Drill of the Week: BU 2v1

This week I have a simple but effective 2v1 drill. The BU 2v1 incorporates speed and passing for forwards and passing, distribution and skating skills for defensemen.

BU 2v1


A defenseman starts with the puck, skates out to the center of the ice and passes to a forward. The forward fires a hard pass down to a D on the far side of the ice and then swings low into a support position. At the same time, a forward steps out behind the D and presents an option. The D who made the first pass gaps up. The two forwards then receive a distribution pass from the D and attack 2v1. The D can be introduced as a third option (activation/follow the play). The drill then starts again from the other side on a whistle.

Forwards should focus on puck support and next play thinking – creating options for their teammate with and without the puck (drive the net, puck carrier drive, cross and drop, etc). D need to maintain good gaps, strong sticks in passing lanes, and try to influence the play into tight areas.

Wednesday Drill of the Week: Wild Flow

Here it is, this week’s (and last’s) drill of the week:

It is a continuous flow drill, going 1 on 0 into 2 on 1 into 3 on 2. Great for situational play, skating, and line rushes.

The drill starts with forwards in either corner and defensemen on the red line. The first forward goes down on the far net 1 on 0. After shooting, the forward peels off towards the corner, receives a pass from that line, and attacks with support from the forward who passed the puck. A defenseman has stepped out, gapped up and now plays a 2 on 1 rush back. Once this rush plays out, the two forwards swing into the corner, receive a pass from the next person in line and then attack 3 on 2. Two new defensemen have stepped out to play the rush. When this rush hits the far blue line, the next forward goes from the next corner, starting the drill over again 1 on 0.

Keys to this drill for forwards are understanding the ice available to them, attacking open space, reading the defensemen and generating a quality scoring opportunity. Defensemen should focus on gap control, stick position, body position, and understanding the rush that is coming at them. Forwards should be trying to get to the net, while the D should be trying to keep the forward to the outside.