The Difference a Minute Makes

Amazing the difference one minute can make in the world huh? At 11:59pm we’re talking about all the good and bad things that happened in 2016, and then all of a sudden at 12:00am we’re talking about all the things that we will (or won’t) accomplish in 2017.

And it all happened in the span of 60 seconds.

Imagine if all the minutes in your life had that same impact? What if we could completely change our outlook on the future in the next 60 seconds? Produce an optimism and excitement about what’s next rather than dwelling on what happened?

Every minute of your life you make choices. You make the choice to focus on the past or on the future. The choice to build positive or negative habits. You make a choice to take action or live with regret. Every 60 seconds in your life can have the same impact of 11:59pm on New Years Eve.

Happy New Year – may 2017 be a year full of minutes that make a difference.

Happy New Year?

Warning: This post will be slightly cynical.

Happy New Year! The first thing a lot of people have said in the last few days.

But why? Why do we celebrate New Years? What makes midnight on Jan 1 any different from any other day?

A new calendar, a new twelve months, a new year. People make “Resolutions” – goals and objectives for a new calendar year.

What we fail to realize – a new calendar is not going to change our daily habits. We are not going to be dramatically different people just because the calendar has changed from 2014 to 2015.

Habits change with intentional action on a daily basis. Anything we want to change about ourselves we can only change one day at a time. Given a choice, the brain will always choose the easier route. To enact change you must consciously choose the harder right on a daily basis. A new calendar by itself will not create change.

Rather than Happy New Year – I say Happy New Day. Every day is a chance to make the choices you need to enact change in your life. Realize the value of the day and make the choice that can change your life.

Happy New Day.