Wednesday Drill of the Week: Ducks Shooting

Ducks Shooting

This week is a continuous shooting drill. Ducks Shooting is a good drill for getting the legs and hands moving, working on passing, working on timing, and letting the goaltenders see some shots.

Players line up on the goal lines. One player starts on each blue line. The drill begins with a whistle where the X on the near blue curls up near the red and presents himself for a pass. He receives a puck from the corner and then immediately passes to the X on the far blue who has timed the start of his loop so that he can catch a pass in sync from the near blue. He then goes in and takes a shot on net. Meanwhile, the player who made the first pass skates up to the near blue, the player who made the second pass skates up to the far blue and then each goes on a similar timing loop, passing and receiving, going in to shoot. The drill moves continuously, and runs out of both ends. After you pass, you take the place and the pattern of the person you passed the puck to. This drill flows nicely and can create a good pace to start a practice.

Wednesday Drill of the Week: Carolina Flow

This week’s drill is a simple warmup/shooting drill that incorporates a lot of flow, timing and precision.

UMass ShootingCarolina Flow begins with lines in all four corners. One player takes off from opposite lines and button hooks just inside the far blue line. They receive a hard pass from the opposite line. Meanwhile, a player skates out of the same side and skates into a support position. They then attack the far net in a 2v0. As soon as the player makes the hard cross ice pass, they take off and button hook inside the far blue line. The drill is continuous.

Players should focus on speed/pace of the drill, hard accurate passes, timing and support, driving the net, and shooting to score/shooting for rebounds.