Wednesday Drill of the Week: DZ Funnel

DZ Funnel


Simple DZ practice drill this week. X’s (offensive team) start at the tops of the circles/hash marks (F/D). O’s (defensive team) start on the blue line. On the whistle, each group skates to the next line up ice and then plays 5v5. A coach places a puck in the defensive zone where the O’s have to Backcheck to D Zone Coverage and then sort out their positioning and how they will play the situation. The X’s pick up the puck and set up in their offensive zone formation.

This drill is for D Zone reps and getting players to understand where they backcheck to. It also helps them to figure out where to play positionally and how to sort out messy situations in their own zone. It can be controlled as much or as little as you want – place pucks in certain areas, stop the drill to teach to the team, etc etc.