Stress and Control

I had a thought over the weekend about stress and where it comes from. It might be different for different people, but for me stress comes from control.

Whenever I’m feeling stressed, it is because of a lack of feeling in control. Whether I am actually in control or not does not matter. It is the feeling of being in control or a lack of feeling in control that affects my stress levels.

The things that I measure myself by are what are important to me. When I don’t feel in control of those things, I feel stressed. This was a good lesson for me – how do I maintain a feeling of control?

Tackle the things that are important to you every single day. Get touches in on whatever it is that matters. If it is money, check your bank account. If it is family, pick up the phone. If it is a clean house, take out the trash and do the dishes. Do something every day to maintain a feeling of being in control over the things that matter.