Wednesday Drill of the Week: 1v1 Conditioning

1v1 Conditioning.jpg

A cross ice conditioning game for this week.

Players start off playing 1v1. When the offensive player gets a shot on goal, he/she changes with their line. Each line shoots at the net closest to their line. This creates a constant pressure situation as well as the potential for a conditioning element for one side. It is a continuous game.

This game can also be done in a 1v1 situation where you add a player on a shot on goal, maximum of 2 on either team. This further creates a conditioning scenario, where one player often gets stuck out on the ice defending. It becomes a change on the whistle game.

Wednesday Drill of the Week: Jackson Conditioning

Jackson Conditioning

This week: A skill drill that includes a conditioning element. The drill starts with X1 and X2 sprinting to the far blueline and stopping, then sprinting the other way. Coach passes to X1, who drives and shoots far pad. X2 crashes for a rebound. After the rebound play, a coach passes the puck to X2 who has popped into soft spot for a catch and shoot. Coach then leaves a puck behind the net for X1 to pick up, cut back and then wrap to the far side. After the wrap, both X’s sprint back to lines.

This drill involves a number of skills and skating agility pieces and also adds some conditioning for your team. A fun way to get some skill and skating work in at the end of practice. Also good for the goalies, as they have an opportunity to play a far pad rebound, a catch and shoot in the slot and then a wraparound.

Wednesday Drill of the Week: LSSU Backcheck

LSSU Backcheck

One of my all-time favorites this week. Simple yet effective drill. Coaches stand on both blue lines in the center of the ice with pucks. Players stand on the blue lines and in the center circle. Players in the middle are backchecking the players on the wall. Backchecker stands facing the coach. Coach will pass to one wing or the other, on the pass the backchecker turns and backchecks the player without the puck. The player with the puck drives for a long shot (top of the circles) and looking to go far pad for a rebound to the other attacker. As a variation, the coach can tell the backchecker to backcheck the puck carrier.

This drill is a good conditioning workout for players and also allows for teaching effective backchecking. Gaining the inside shoulder and taking away sticks are critical pieces of the backcheck. It isn’t good enough to just follow your man back to the net – you need to isolate them from being a threat.