Wednesday Drill of the Week: Breakout Shooting

Breakout Shooting

A simple breakout repetition drill that works on breakout skills for the forwards and defensemen while giving the goalies some long warmup shots.

The drill starts with pucks in both corners and forwards in three lines at the blue line. Each forward will sprint in to simulate D zone coverage, then sprint to breakout position to receive a pass. The second D in line will chip a puck behind the net, the first D will retrieve it, take the net and find the forward on the far side (bottom of the picture) with a breakout pass. The D then picks up a puck from the other corner, gains the net and finds the other wing on a breakout pass. Finally, he retrieves a third puck and finds the center. After receiving a pass, each forward goes down in their lane and takes a long shot on net. To add to the degree of difficulty, we placed obstacles for the forwards to stickhandle around after they gained the offensive blue line.