Wednesday Drill of the Week: 1v1 Conditioning

1v1 Conditioning.jpg

A cross ice conditioning game for this week.

Players start off playing 1v1. When the offensive player gets a shot on goal, he/she changes with their line. Each line shoots at the net closest to their line. This creates a constant pressure situation as well as the potential for a conditioning element for one side. It is a continuous game.

This game can also be done in a 1v1 situation where you add a player on a shot on goal, maximum of 2 on either team. This further creates a conditioning scenario, where one player often gets stuck out on the ice defending. It becomes a change on the whistle game.

One Response to Wednesday Drill of the Week: 1v1 Conditioning

  1. Geoff Ley says:

    Thank you Chris I really enjoy your Wednesday drills and love the conditioning and mental side here. Make sure they get off the ice fast and glove touch the next person up before he/she can jump in the play, like coming to the bench.

    All about Short Shifts .. little wrinkle make sure the team changing has positron of the puck as well.

    thanks for all your work!

    Geoff Ley

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