Go See A Game

It’s the answer to a question that I know many players and parents have: Where do I fit?

Go see a game. See a Hockey East game. See two Atlantic Hockey opponents face off. Catch an ECAC game. Then go watch a game in the NESCAC, in the NEHC, in the SUNYAC.

But don’t just watch the game, watch the players. Watch their skating. Notice their habits – head up, stick on puck, finished checks, poise with the puck, etc. See how they play situations. How they battle for loose pucks. Put the “helmet cam” on a player (at your position) every shift and pay close attention to how he plays the game – what he does with the puck, without the puck.

If you watch the game with a critical eye, you should be able to see the gaps between the level you’re at and the level you’re watching. You should be able to identify what you need to improve to play at the next level – what elements of the game they do well that you need to work on.

Now, you tell me. Where do you fit? What level do you think you can play at, and more importantly, be successful at?


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