Wednesday Drill of the Week: 2v0 Exchange Shooting

2v0 Exchange

A shooting drill with a lot of passing elements to it – gets the hands and feet moving with a lot of pace.

X’s and O’s all start at the same time. The X & O that carry a puck cross with their respective partner and make a drop pass (inside the blue line). This player then skates into the outside lane while the original puck carrier skates into the inside lane on the far side. The outside lane gives a bump pass to the player skating in the inside lane from the opposite side (the original puck carrier gets the puck back from the other end). The two X’s then go attack the far net 2v0 (the O’s do the same thing).

A little confusing, but in short: Drop pass to your partner. Fill either the outside lane (pass receiver) or the inside lane on the far side (original puck carrier). Receive/give a pass to the other twosome. Go in 2v0 with a long shot and rebound.


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