How We Recruit

A great article this morning by Ari Wasserman at about how recruiting at schools in the MAC differs from recruiting at Ohio State. Primarily dealing with the evaluation side of recruiting, it looks at how the coaches go about doing their jobs and the different environments they are in.

Is assembling a top-tier MAC team harder than building a national champion?

There is a lot about this article that reminds me of recruiting at the D3 level. D1 schools look for the best of the best, they look for and evaluate players that can be game breakers and difference makers at their level. They recruit those special few players, never managing more than a handful at a time. At D3, we try to find the best players that might have slipped under the radar – guys that can have an impact but for one reason or another haven’t caught the eye of a D1 scout. The numbers game is a very real part of recruiting at D3, just like in the MAC.

Little guys vs big guys, our challenges are different but the realities are the same. You have to recruit to win game – recruit the right players and people and you can be very successful.

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