DWYSYWD: Do What You Said You Would Do

Follow up & Follow through. Two things that sometimes seem to be going extinct in this world.

Too few people Do What They Said They Would Do. Talk is cheap. It’s easy to make promises, big or small. It’s easy to talk about ideas. It’s easy to talk about what you want to accomplish.

It’s hard to follow through. Follow through requires diligence. It requires attention to detail. It requires doing things that aren’t as glamorous as big picture thinking. Follow through has risk – failure, not living up to expectations.

It’s hard to follow up. How many ideas get left in space? How many thoughts and concepts never get executed beyond a meeting and a discussion? Following up has risk – you risk being a nag, you risk annoying someone.

But how many people are reliable? I bet most of us could count our most reliable friends & co-workers on one hand. Being reliable, DWYSYWD, is a rare trait. Want to stand out from the crowd? Differentiate yourself from others?


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