Wednesday Drill of the Week: Bobcat 2v1

Bobcat 2v1

A drill that involves a regroup into a 2v1 rush. Defensemen start in the middle of the ice with Forwards at opposite blue lines. The first defenseman exchanges a puck with the first forward in line (black line) while skating backwards. At the top of the circles, the D receives the puck and transitions it to the forward on the opposite side of the ice (green line) who is coming back towards his line. When the F receives the pass from the D, he bumps it to the next forward in line (pink line/pink F). The F coming back towards his line swings to the middle while the F who receives the pass steps out. These two F’s then go and attack the D that was exchanged with initially in a 2v1 rush. The D is attempting to gap up after completing the transition pass to the opposite F.

A quick hitter 2v1 with multiple passes and a gapping element from the defenseman. This drill was a special contribution this week from Steve Needham, Assistant Coach at Wesleyan University.

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