E vs M

E vs M

Enthusiasm vs Monotony

A daily battle. Who will win? The enthusiasm, passion and energy? Or the dull monotony that day-to-day life can drill into you?

Is today just like yesterday? Do you have a “case of the Mondays?” Are you merely getting through life’s challenges? Monotony is winning the war.

The choices we make every day determine the outcome. What music do you listen to? What articles and stories do you read? What videos are you watching? What conversations are you having (hope or despair)?

These seemingly minor decisions have a major impact on our mood, energy and outlook. Make today the day that Enthusiasm stages a comeback and beings an epic counterattack. Choose your music with intentionality (start the day with something that gets you fired up). Watch videos and read stories about successes. Bring energy to people and talk to those that have a high level of excitement.

One of my favorite phrases of all time belongs to the Harbaugh family: “Attack today with an Enthusiasm Unknown to Mankind.”


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