The Joy of Opening Day

April 6, 2015. Opening Day for Major League Baseball. A day when the possibilities are endless, joy abounds and hope springs eternal. Everyone is 0-0 and for a lot of teams and fans, this could finally be the year.

By the time August and September roll around, that joy, hope and energy has faded for a large portion of players, teams and fans. Why? The reality of what the season is and will be is more concrete. You can see what can or cannot still happen. Some teams have long be out of any sort of playoff race. Others are in the midst of an exciting pennant chase with fans on the edge of their seats hoping for the best. The storylines that seem to always affect our teams play out again and again.

Why do we let the results of yesterday cloud our ability to enjoy the moment? Why do we let our win/loss record dictate our mood, energy and enthusiasm for today? The joy of the first day soon fades into the grind of a long season no matter the sport.

Remember the passion and energy you had on day one – bring that every day. Enjoy your sport every day that you have an opportunity to step on the field and play. Love your team as much during game 42, 86, 119 and 147 as you did on opening day. Your future is not dictated by your past. The joy and enthusiasm is what powers your ability to create a new tomorrow.

Let’s Play Ball!

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