The Offseason

The Offseason. A long period of unstructured time.  A time when the best separate themselves from the rest.

Anyone can work and grow under pressure. People rise to the occaision and stay focused on their goals in an environment of deadlines and pressure.

Not may can operate at their highest level with no pressure. It’s easier to take a longer lunch or stop and chat with friends when you’re not under pressure. The project you’re working on can happen tomorrow. There is no urgency to what you’re working on right now. Your workout is intense but not that hard. You procrastinate or delay a little longer than you might in a deadline environment.

The people and players that reach the highest levels – they are the ones that can push themselves beyond their own boundaries and create pressure when very little might otherwise exist.

The offseason is all about the principles that make you successful during the year. Discipline. Compete Level. Work Ethic. It’s easy to do these things during the season when everyone is playing attention. The best do these things day in and day out – they become a habit and a way of life.

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