Delivering the Right Approach

Everyone is unique. We are all different people with different personalities, shaped by our experiences.

The job of a coach is to understand your players, their personalities, motivations and psyches. It is up to a coach to push the right buttons, pull the right strings and do whatever works to get their team to play in a way that will help them be successful, both as individuals and as a team.

It is up to a coach to know what their team and their players need in the moment and deliver that approach. Sometimes it is something that runs contrary to who the coach is as a person. A team or a player might need tough love from a coach who has a tendency to gravitate towards the gentle side. Or a they might need affirmation and positive energy from a coach who typically rides his or her players very hard. It is up to the coach to understand what is best and what is needed in the moment.

It is a very fine line between being too tough and too soft. How you navigate it as a coach has a huge impact on your ability to get your players to perform at a high level. The bottom line? It’s what they hear, not what you say.

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