Wednesday Drill fo the Week: F-D 3 Shot

F-D 3 Shot

A half ice skill drill today. The drill starts with a defenseman on the wall. D walks the blue line and hits a forward coming out of the corner on a high roll for a shot. The D then goes back to the blue line for a second puck. D again walks the blue line, this time hitting a second forward who has gone from the corner to the dot line on the goal line. The first forward has gone to the net and then pops for a pass from the goal line forward. The D then retrieves a third puck, walks the line and takes a shot through two men screening (pop forward stays high, goal line forward moves to the net front).

D should focus on walking and moving the puck with their eyes up the entire time. All shots and passes should be made with eyes up ice. Forwards need to accelerate up the wall and through the shot. Pop should be with purposeful movement and a quick one-timer attempt.

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