Pivotal Moments

In every game there are moments. There are moments of success and moments of failure. Individual, small plays and battles that are won and lost.

Before, during and after each moment, you have no way of knowing if that moment will decide the game. This clarity only comes when the final whistle has blown.

These moments come and go on every ice sheet around the world every night.

We love games because of the drama they create and the opportunity they present to measure yourself. Every game brings pivotal moments.

We never know when these moments will appear or how they will go. Why risk having a moment be the one that defines you? Why not dictate your moments every chance you get?

We all want to win games. Win your battle. Win your moment. If you win more pivotal moments than you lose, you will win the game.

“Will you define the moment? Or will the moment define you?”

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