You Never Know…

Every person says thousands of words and has thousands of thoughts every single day. Many are good, some are bad, and most are neutral or action based.

Every day, there are one or two words or phrases that we utter that will change someones life. It might be something positive or negative. It may carry very little meaning or weight to you personally. It might seem like an afterthought or something that you didn’t even notice you were saying. But it may make all the difference in the world to someone else.

I experienced a moment like this the other day. One was an affirming comment made off the cuff by a superior and a mentor. It is very likely that the person saying it to me had no idea the true ramifications of their comment, but it sent my confidence skyrocketing and increased my self-belief tenfold.

You never know whose life you might impact with your words. Choose them wisely and never hesitate to build someone up. Confident people have the ability to outperform expectations on a regular basis. Empower those around you and watch their success grow.

One Response to You Never Know…

  1. snipersskate says:

    Very good article, Chris. Yes. Words are powerful and we should choose what we say with care.

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