Set the Tone

How do you start your day?
How do you start a project? A meeting? A practice? A game?
How do you start anything?

You need to set the tone. Set the tone for how you are going to approach things. Set the tone for yourself and for anyone else you are working or meeting with.

Do you start your day off by hitting snooze five times or do you get out of bed and get things rolling? Either way, you set the tone for your day.

Do you listen to talk radio or soft rock in the morning or do you choose some music that gets your blood flowing and mind going?

Do you attack challenges and get excited for meetings or do you think “ugh, another meeting/project I don’t want to do”?

Do you start practice with a bang? Three hard strides on the ice and then off and running or do you coast around and sauce pucks into the net?

These are all choices that set the tone. You’re always deciding between bringing energy and enthusiasm or lethargy. Set the tone for everything you do. Energy is contagious and it can radically alter you day.

The choice is yours. Set the tone.


One Response to Set the Tone

  1. Geoff Ley says:

    Thanks Chris, perfect timing as it is early in the season.
    I will relay your message to my hockey team Sunday !

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