Wednesday Drill of the Week: Goalie Center Shifts

A very simple drill that works on goaltenders shifting their body weight into the puck. Has a three step progression.

Center Shifts



The drill starts with a goalie in the net and a cone at the center line. A shooter is mid slot and off to one side (just above the hash marks) with pucks. The goalie starts standing up and centered on the cone. The shooter shoots a puck at the net, and the goalie shifts his weight to make the save. The second progression is the goalie starts on his knees and again shifts his center line to the new angle as the shot comes. The third progression is to have the goalie start standing and then drop into a butterfly to make the save.

The concept behind this drill is to work on goaltenders moving their body into pucks – too many goalies rely on extension saves vis a vis a center shift save and moving into the puck. The cone is used as a visual marker for goalies to see how much (or how little) they have moved off their original center line. Goalies should be moving and pushing into every shot, and the drill should work both sides.


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