Wednesday Drill of the Week: 3v2 Timing

3v2 Timing

This is a 3v2 rush drill that incorporates a neutral zone regroup and a timing element. The drill starts with 4 D just inside the blue lines and forwards in each of the two lower corners. The coach stands at the red line with a pile of pucks. Coach will pass a puck to the far D – the puck then moves D-D. F3 takes off on the pass and times it to receive the puck after the D-D pass. F3 then passes the puck to the other set of D who also go D-D. At this time, F1 and F2 have take off (again, timing the play) to present themselves as options after the D-D pass. F3 comes in close support for the D-D pass. After the puck moves to one of the F’s, they attack the original two D on a 3v2 rush.

Two new D step out and the drill starts again, going the other direction. Keys to this drill: Forwards need to have great timing and support all over the ice. Anticipating and moving in sync with the puck is critical. Defense need to move the puck crisply and quickly to keep the play moving. They should try to maintain a tight gap and good stick positioning when playing the rush. To add a degree of difficulty, force the D to move and create spacing on the D-D pass (hinge, use indirects off the boards, wide, etc).


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