Earn the Right to Win – Tom Coughlin

Over the weekend I finished “Earn the Right to Win” by Tom Coughlin. A quick and smooth read and one I would recommend to anyone. In fact, it is one that I will be re-reading (either just chapters or the whole thing) when I need a refresher on what it takes to build a successful organization.

Coughlin has coached in the NCAA and the NFL – including stops at BC, Jacksonville and most recently the NY Giants. He has found success in every stop along the way and learned a lot about himself and what it means to be a successful coach. He includes anecdotes from each of his experiences and how he came to learn and realize the things that have made him successful.

He lays out his roadmap to success in six well-written chapters:

  • Build the Structure
  • The Time of Your Life: Scheduling
  • Success Is in the Details
  • Communication
  • Motivation
  • Hard Work Is Good Practice

It was fascinating to read how each experience made Coughlin a better coach and helped to further reinforce his strategy for success.

Preparation is the bottom line with Coughlin. Prepare every day for every situation and you’ll be successful. The more preparation and attention you put in, the higher your chances of success.

I highly recommend this book for any coach as great pre-season reading. It will get your gears going about improvements and changes you can make to your program to help you be more successful.

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