When we try to measure our own capabilities, we often compare ourselves to others. Why? What others do is tangible and easy to see – easy to measure success and failure against what someone else did.

We shouldn’t compare ourselves to others. We should compare ourselves to our own best self. What were we capable of at the time? What was reasonable to assume and expect from ourselves in the moment?

It’s a much harder comparison, only you truly know the answers. Could I have done more? Could I have done things differently? Could I have expected more?

This is why self-reflection is so important. Measure yourself and your own self-improvement against what you know you can do. Reflect on what you have done and think about how you can do it differently and better. Look to see where there is room for improvement. Figure out what your strengths are and continue to emphasize those things.

Self-reflection allows you to be honest with yourself and admit your failures and shortcomings. Recognize, acknowledge and then put them behind you. Use them to be better today than you were yesterday.


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