Wednesday Drill of the Week: Four Line Series

Four Line Series

A drill we do often at the beginning of practice. Four lines at the hash marks or at the top of the circles. There is a four step progression to this drill.

1. All eight players leave with a puck at the same time and stickhandle in the neutral zone. On the whistle they pass back to their lines and the next person goes.

2. Pass/follow your pass. One side will take off, exchanging with his partner on the far side of the ice while skating towards him. Try to get in as many passes as possible. When he gets to the far side, the first person in the other line goes the other direction.

3. 2v0 passing. Two players on one side of the ice (in this diagram the top and the bottom would pair up) pass 2v0 until they get to the far line, then they exchange with the far line and go back – 2v0 down and 2vo back. As soon as the far line gives them a puck to go back, those two players take off 2v0 to make it continuous.

4. Long shots (bottom of the diagram). One player skates to the red and passes the puck to the far line. He sprints to the far blue, receives the puck back and then goes in for a long shot on net. The lines stagger their starts, so the next line doesn’t leave until the player to his left hits the red line on the way down. The player on the far side takes off as soon as he gives a pass back to the player coming towards him.


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