One of the great traditions of Colby Hockey is our end of the season banquet. Our team, staff and parents get together to celebrate our award winners and honor our senior class. We give each senior the opportunity to stand up and speak to the audience, sharing his memories of the program and giving thanks to those that helped him get there.

The opportunity to get up and give a speech at the end of your college hockey career is something that exists in few other places in life. When you retire from a desk job, you rarely get the chance to say thanks and goodbye to people. At the end of school you don’t give a speech to your classmates thanking them for all the good times. This is something that is unique and special.

Recognition is something that we don’t practice enough as a society. Not participatory recognition (i.e. 9th place trophies – we do too much of this), but true recognition to the people that help us become who we are and achieve the success that we have. How often do we thank a teacher or a mentor for their help and guidance? How frequently do we call a friend and say thanks for always being there for me?

As I was sitting at our banquet on Saturday I couldn’t help but think of what I would say and who I would thank if I had the opportunity to. I don’t have the proper venue or audience, but I am going to start to reach out to people who have helped me become who I am today. I want them to know they were important in my life and that I recognize the impact they’ve had on me. No one climbs a mountain or flies to space alone – it takes a group to build a success and that group deserves to hear “thank you.”

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