Wednesday Drill of the Week: Devils 2v2 Net Front Regroup

Devils 2v2 Net Front Regroup

A multi-faceted drill this week: Devils 2v2 Net Front/Regroup. This rill starts with a pass from down low to the strong side D. D-D pass then a shot or a pass to the high roll F for a shot. Two D step out from next to the net and defend the net front against the high roll F and a second F who battles for a screen. After the shot, a second puck is placed in the neutral zone by a coach. The offensive D retrieve it and regroup with the forwards, while the two net front D gap up and play a 2v2 rush. The drill runs out of opposite ends in an alternating sequence.

This drill works a number of concepts, including offensive zone play with your D, net front battles between D and F, a neutral zone quick counter and 2v2 rush play by the forwards and the D. Due to the number of D involved in the play, you need to have 8 defensemen in order to run this drill. The D always play out of the same end, rotating from offense to defense.

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