Consistency Conundrum

Consistency. It’s something that everyone should strive for in life. Who you and what you do tomorrow is very similar to who you are and what you do tomorrow. We look for it in athletes and teams too. How many teams adjust their level of play to their competition? I’d be willing to bet that the percentages are pretty high. Teams have a natural tendency to increase their stimulation against good teams and play more relaxed against mediocre teams.

To a certain extent, it’s natural. You’re doing a task that you think should be simple so you let your guard down and make minor errors. These minor errors add up to big mistakes. It happens in work and it happens in games. The devil is in the details and the little things matter. People and teams that are successful know that and take care of the little things no matter what they are doing and who they are playing.

So, as coaches, how do you fix teams that underperform against weaker competition? I’m still searching for the fool-proof answer, but my belief is that you have to coach the details every day. Coach your players as if the details matter and your players will handle the details. Coach the game no different than you would a game against a high caliber opponent. Be consistent in your approach, your expectations and your execution of the details and you will see the same level of performance no matter who you are playing or what you are doing.

Teams that win and have good seasons are the ones that take care of business against every team on their schedule. They play to their standard no matter who they are playing. Consistency brings success.


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