Wednesday Drill of the Week: Lowell Progression

Lowell Progression


A progressive rush drill today. This one will work defensemen on regroup/quick counter situations, as well as playing half ice 2v1 rushes.

To start the drill, one forward skates up to just before the red line and passes to a D standing inside the blue. The D does an escape and then passes to the forward who has stretched for a 1v0 breakaway. After the escape, two forwards take off and pass a puck to the D who does another escape and then hits the two forwards who attack a D who steps in 2v1. A new D then takes his place and the drill starts again. This drill can be run on 2/3rds of the ice or run from alternating ends.

One of the benefits of this drill is it can be a situational rush drill (you can easily make it a 3v1 or a 3v2) and it is a good drill to run if you have a goalie coach who is working with the goaltenders in one end of the ice.


2 Responses to Wednesday Drill of the Week: Lowell Progression

  1. Higgins, Chris says:


    Any chance you could send me your drills by exporting them from drilldraw. I’d be happy to return the favour with all my drills.

    Chris Higgins
    Professor (and Head Coach, Western Women’s Hockey)
    Ivey Business School at Western University
    Rm 2307
    1255 Western Rd.
    London, ON N6G 0N1
    (519) 661-3269

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