Thoughts from the MLB Postseason

In no particular order:

  • The mental side of the game is a major component of success in MLB – amazing how these guys embrace the pressure and thrive in key situations
  • Take what is given to you – a pitcher will pitch to a batter in a certain manner to create a desired result. Successful batters understand this and try to do the best they can in the present situation, a great lesson for any sport. Don’t try to pull a pitch that is low and away
  • Situational awareness is critical. You have to always know the score, the outs, where the runners are, the type of hitter who is at the plate. Understanding situations and putting yourself in the best position to succeed
  • A game of percentages. Baseball is a game of odds, percentages and statistics. You try to do everything in your power to put yourself in a position to succeed, and accept that failure (making outs) is also part of the game. In a game where 66% failure over your career makes you a Hall of Fame candidate, it is important to learn how to move beyond failure and play the percentages to be successful
  • A series of small successes leads to big success. The announcers used the phrase “And the line keeps moving” last night when one team was in the middle of a stretch of hits. They were doing one thing at a time to chip away, create offense and eventually score a run – similar to hockey. You don’t have to score every shift, just keep the line moving and move the puck from zone to zone every shift. Keep moving forward

The MLB Postseason is a great environment to see athletes perform under pressure. Now only if the games were shorter than 5 hours…

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