Learning from the NHL

It is great to have the NHL season up and running again. I tuned in to the Sabres-Red Wings last night and loved every minute of it. Any player, no matter how big or how small should watch the NHL every chance they get. It’s always fun to cheer on your favorite team, but watch two teams that you have no rooting interest in. It’s amazing what you can see and learn.

Things I noticed last night, in no particular order:

  • Skating ability/edge control – stops & starts, efficiency in movement (front & back), lateral agility
  • Awareness – everyone plays head up, players know when to jump into the play and when to wait
  • False information – head fakes, look offs, etc
  • Poise under pressure – know your outlets so you don’t panic with the puck

Just a sampling of the things you can learn from the NHL. They play at the highest level because they are the best in the world. They’re the best in the world because they are so good at the minutiae of the game. Fun to watch and fun to learn from.


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