Wednesday Drill of the Week: German Angle

German Angle


A simple drill to teach a hard to master skill. Angling is a skill that even the best forwards in hockey struggle with sometimes. Being able to effectively angle your opponent away from the middle of the rink shuts down his options and takes away time and space.

The drill starts with players standing on opposite hash marks. Player one makes a long, cross-ice pass to his opponent and then begins to skate. As soon as player two receives the pass, he takes off towards the far net. The defensive player needs to time his angle so that he takes away the middle of the ice and forces his opponent towards the corner of the rink.

Proper angling technique involves using your body to take away space and your stick to take away passing lanes. Position your stick up ice to take away any back passes and utilize your feet to take away space in front of your opponent. When angling, your priority is not to get to your opponent quickly, it is to time your approach so that you effectively take away time and space and eliminate the option of cutbacks or passes. Be careful not to engage your opponent physically too soon  – this creates an opportunity for passing lanes to open. Put your opponent in a position when he cannot make a play, then finish your check.


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