There are many things that help predict success: work-ethic, motivation, physical traits, demeanor, etc. In my experience, I believe that nothing is a better indicator than Self-Awareness. The ability of a person to be self-aware dramatically increases their ability to be successful in all situations in life.

What is Self-Awareness? It is having an acute sense of self, what you are doing, and how you impact others. It is the ability to critically evaluate yourself and your actions for better or worse. Self-awareness is seeing the forest from the trees; understanding the bigger ecosystem in which you operate; understanding that each action creates a chain of reactions.

Why is Self-Awareness indicative of success? I have found that players and people who understand who they are and what they are doing have a much higher rate of success. They understand their actions and how those actions created a positive or negative result. They can shift their behavior to create more positives because they understand what they did to create a negative. Too many people see the world as causing them harm and out to get them.

It is very easy to see people in the world with a lack of self-awareness and a heightened sense of self-importance. These people can do no wrong and blame others constantly. They fail to see what is going on around them and the impact that they are having on the bigger picture.

Be self-aware today. Evaluate yourself and your actions. Understand your strengths and your weaknesses. Determine what you can do to create the positive results that you want. Increasing your own self-awareness will quickly improve your chances for success.


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