Wednesday Drill of the Week: Husky 3 Shot

Husky 3 Shot


Three shot warmup/timing drill involving skill work at different positions. The drill moves simultaneously out of both ends, but for the sake of simplicity I will just describe one rep. A forward leaves with a puck. A D, starting at the center circle, gaps and passes back and forth with the forward (D skates backwards). When the forward hits the blue line, the puck moves to the defenseman, who opens up and passes to a forward who has taken off out of the opposite corner and timed his departure. A coach in the corner passes to the first forward coming down the wing for a shot. The forward who received a pass from the D streaks down the far wing for a shot. Finally, the D follows the play up, receives a puck from the coach in the other corner and takes a third shot on net.

Forwards work on timing, puck carrying and passing skills, as well as shooting on the move. Defensemen work on gapping, passing, pivoting/opening up. Coaches can increase the level of skill work by altering the passes to the incoming forward and D – sometimes using area passes, sometimes putting the puck off the runner or the glass.

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