Wednesday Drill of the Week: Net Front Battle

Net Front Battle


A simple small area 2v2 game. Two X’s and two O’s play two on two down low. In order to score a goal, they must pass the puck to the defenseman standing at the blue line directly in front of the net they are attacking (in this example, O’s are attacking the top net, X’s are attacking the bottom net). Once the puck goes to the defenseman, the D must shoot the puck on net with the net front players looking to block/tip. After the shot, play goes live and continues in zone. As a variation, attacking plays can be allowed to move around and find passing lanes rather than simply fighting for net front postioning.

This drill works on a number of tight area skills. Defensemen must shoot with their head up, looking for sticks and lanes to get pucks through. Forwards must work on gaining leverage, screening the goalie, being heavy on their sticks and fighting for rebounds. Tight area puck skills and creativity are required as well. This is a great drill for teams looking to get better at scoring dirty goals at the net front, and for defensemen who need to work on their ability to get pucks through to the cage.

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