Learning and Development at Goalie Camp

I’m spending this week working at a great goalie camp on the beautiful campus of Merrimack College. There are 96 goaltenders of every age attending, as well as over 20 coaches. Goalies and coaches have come to North Andover from Sweden, Canada and almost every corner of the US.

On and off the ice, the exchange of ideas is tremendous. We trade ideas on everything from drills, to technique, to situational play. Coaches and players are spitting out ideas all the time. We are adapting, teaching and learning things both new and old. In our down time, we discuss situations, techniques and ideas. Concepts and teaching points are coming from plays are coaches alike.

Today, we saw a goaltender use a triangle push to go from post to post against a player moving along the (a new method we hadn’t thought about but loved). We taught a lean technique (popular in Sweden) for plays below the goal line. A challenging day of growth and development for everyone involved.

This camp pushes coaches and goaltenders beyond their comfort zones and forces everyone to try new things and learn new methods. We expose ourselves to new approaches and different styles and our own methods and styles evolve.

Growth and development occur when you are in an environment that encourages people to try new things and not fear failure. By surrounding ourselves with people different from ourselves who have different approaches to the game, we are growing as players and as coaches.


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