Wednesday Drill of the Week: UNH 2v1

UNH 2v1 Counter Attack


The drill starts with Forwards in one corner and Defensemen in the other, in both ends of the ice. To start, two Fs attack one D in a tight area 2v1 off the wall (right side of the picture). On a whistle, a D will step out of the other corner (left side of the picture) while the original Fs get onside and the D gap up. The D that walked out of the corner with a puck will hit the original Fs with a pass, they then attack the original D on a 2v1 rush. As soon as the D makes the long pass, he will recover and play a tight area 2v1 in his half of the ice. On a whistle, again the 2 Fs get onside, the D gaps and a D steps out and hits them with a pass to attack 2v1.

This drill works on 2v1 attack options. It tests players off the rush and in tight area situations. D need to have their heads up, have a good stick and good split vision. Forwards need to recognize and attack weaknesses, attempting to get pucks to the net and generate opportunities to score.

This drill can also be done as a 2v2 or a  3v2 to change the situation.

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