Kaizen is a Japanese word for “improvement” or “change for the better”. It is also a Japanese business management philosophy that focuses on improving all functions of a business. It is a unilateral improvement process that involves every level of an organization – “How can we perform better?”

The 5s Kaizen Principles break the process down into five areas of improvement.

Seiri – Sort, Clear Out – Rid yourself of clutter, extra things, distractions (mental & physical)

Seiton – Set Things in Order – Organization of things and processes

Seiso – Clean and Shine – Appearance, Self-Awareness of your impact

Sieketsu – Standardize – Set a Standard of Performance and then monitor benchmarks

Shitsuku – Self Discipline – Focus and Discipline to practice the principles of Kaizen


As coaches, we strive for daily improvement from ourselves and our athletes. The 5s Kaizen Principles help to give direction and guidance on how we can improve every single day. Focusing on these 5 areas will help anyone continue to improve on a regular basis.

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