Wednesday Drill of the Week: Gopher 1v1 2v2

Gopher 1v1 2v2

This drill encompasses multiple scenarios while using an entire ice sheet. There is a full ice 1v1, a quick hit 1v1 and then two 2v2 situations evolving out of the corner into tight areas. The drill starts with a forward leaving with a puck, passing to the D, and then getting wide to receive a pass in the wide line. A D leaves at the same time, shadows the forward, and then plays a full ice 1v1. The D who regroups the forward then turns and plays a quick hit 1v1 with a forward on the blue line attacking as soon as the D makes the pass. While the 1v1 situations play out, a F and a D are exchanging a puck in opposite corners. When the 1v1s are done, a 2v2 starts with the forward attacking the defenseman out of the corner, with the original 1v1 pair joining. This 2v2 plays until a whistle.

This drill works both forwards and defensemen on their 1v1 abilities and then their ability to quick transition into a second situation. Speed, skating, D keeping F outside, F trying to drive/penetrate the middle, quick releases, play recognition, stick on puck, split vision, and D zone switches are all skills that are worked in this drill.

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