Wednesday Drill of the Week: ND 2v1

ND 2v1 with D

A 2v1 drill with activating defensemen. X’s start at the blueline, a Xd starts at the net front. Coach is in the corner and hard rims a puck along the wall. Forward must retrieve the rim and play it to the supporting wing and/or the net front D activating. A D steps out and plays the 2v1 +1 rush. Once down the other end of the ice, the drill restarts with a coach blowing the whistle and rimming a puck. The offensive forwards then backcheck the rush, with the D who played the 2v1 attempting to jump into the play.

This drill is a great teacher for rush concepts. A forward drives the net, a D jumps into the play and activates, the puck is pushed wide and plays are made under backpressure.

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